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    What the Press says


    In June 2019 internet platform China.org.cn published an article about Martin Posth Collection’s donation of 45 Chinese and Tibetan rugs to the Shanghai Museum.


    In 2015 the interview “10 Fragen an den Teppichsammler” was published on the website of Manzara, an intercultural network in Istanbul connecting East and West.


    In 2016 the article “Posth’s paradise” appeared in HALI Magazine. HALI Magazine is an encyclopedic fully illustrated special-interest quarterly publication focusing on antique and modern textile art of the world.


    In 2016 Berlin the daily newspaper Tagesspiegel published the article “Schüler erforschen die Botschaft der Teppiche”, which accompanied the exhibition “Woven Paradise” in “STUDIO X-Berlin of The Bumiller Collection”.


    2016 the article “Wie aus 1001 Nacht” appeared in WOHN!DESIGN, a magazine about culture, pleasure, interior design and travelling.


    In 2016 the exhibition “Woven Paradise“ was announced by the official Berlin Tourism website VISIT BERLIN.


    In 2016 German daily newspaper Berliner Abendblatt reported on the exhibition “Woven Paradise” and recommended it as event highlight.


    In 2016 article “Woven Paradise” appeared in Carpet Collector, announcing the opening of the exhibition in “STUDIO X-Berlin of The Bumiller Collection”. Carpet Collector is a magazine that is exclusively devoted to antique collector’s carpets and textiles.


    In November 2016 the special magazine TEXTILE ART reported on the exhibition “Woven Paradise”. TEXTILE ART is a festival of textile arts. Experimental, innovative and different.


    In 2016 Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet in Istanbul published an article about the exhibition “Woven Paradise”. Hürriyet is a Turkish daily newspaper with its editorial office in Istanbul.


    In 2016 the article “Diese Schau bleibt auf dem Teppich” was published in the German daily newspaper Berliner Zeitung in regard of the exhibition “Woven Paradise” in gallery “STUDIO X-Berlin of The Bumiller Collection“.

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