The mihrabs in this so-called row prayer rug are not exactly designed symmetrically. This might have to do with the predefined size of the piece since each individual niche has to be recalculated during the knotting process. It may have also been intentionally designed like this for aesthetic reasons. After all, when the width of the right exterior mihrab is measured, it turns out to be exactly half the sum of the widths of the first two prayer fields.

Published: Posth/Collected Beauty, plate 57, p.130;
Comparable pieces: Iten-Maritz, J., p. 280 Adrian, K., p. 93 Hegenbart, H., Plate No. 11, p. 59, text p. 58, referred to as a Kırşehir rug Lanari, G., Fig. 187-Kırşehir, p. 171

Year: 19th century
Size: 190 x 122 cm
Origin: Avanos
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